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Private clients

A policy with Insurance Company IC TRANSNEFT reliable protection against any adversity

As we all know, life is full of surprises and unfortunately, theyre not always happy events. But only those armed with the right insurance policy are able to meet any tribulations calmly, secure in the knowledge that the protection offered by IC TRANSNEFT will help them avoid the massive financial losses that often accompany such unexpected setbacks.

PJSC IC TRANSNEFT offers its private clients a broad range of insurance programs.

Why secure your insurance needs at IC TRANSNEFT?

  • High level of reliability, as confirmed by international rating agencies
  • Long-running history of financial stability
  • Consistently-high levels of service, both at the time of policy purchase and under claims adjustment
  • Insurance products that satisfy the needs of our clients
  • Broad network of branches, insurance centers and agencies
  • Optimal rates per the price-quality ratio
  • 24-hr assistance from Contact-Center employees

Property insurance

Youll stop worrying about your apartment and the property it contains when youre on vacation, youll feel confident leaving your cottage unattended until spring, and your neighbors will become your best friends all because you made the right choice and insured your apartment, your house, and your civil liability for apartment operation with IC TRANSNEFT.

Auto insurance

You have a car, but youre constantly forced to leave it unattended on the street? You dont feel confident behind the wheel and worry about driving in the bustling city?

Our KASKO (fully-comprehensive), OSAGO (compulsory third-party), voluntary civil-liability insurance policies will help you gain a sense of confidence behind the wheel and feel calm when leaving your car unattended by reliably protecting you against all manner of traffic accidents and vehicle damage.

Travel insurance

When travelling far from home, whether on vacation or a business trip, we rarely stop to think about the consequences that a health problem could have. When planning a trip, IC TRANSNEFT highly recommends thinking about travel insurance after all, anything can happen when youre on the road. Our policy rids you of all these extra worries, expenses and difficulties.

Detailed information about our foreign travel insurance policy.

Health insurance

Getting sick is never pleasant, but with our voluntary health-insurance policyyoull be able to deal with any ailment more confidently. Qualified medical assistance, as well as all the required services, including access to expensive types of observation and treatment, a wide assortment of physiotherapy procedures, consultations with the best specialists, and in-patient care with all the amenities all of this becomes available when armed with a VHI policy.

Accident insurance

An accident insurance policy is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of sudden and unforeseen circumstances with health implications the policy makes it possible to shield your income in unexpected situations.

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