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Joint-Stock Company “INSURANCE COMPANY TRANSNEFT” was founded in 1996 as a vehicle for managing the risks of parent company JSC TRANSNEFT.

Throughout the years since, IC TRANSNEFT has demonstrated its high level of professionalism and reliability in servicing the country’s largest oil-pipeline system and providing insurance coverage and social stability to the families of the almost 100,000 employees of the TRANSNEFT system.

Today, IC TRANSNEFT has amassed unprescedented experience in industry-specific insurance, developed impressive indicators of operating efficiency, and earned the highest rating among Russian insurance carriers (BB+, outlook: stable) from the international agency Standart & Poors.

IC TRANSNEFT openly publishes company reports per IFRS and is regularly cited in analytical reports on the domestic insurance market as one of the countrys most profitable and dynamically-developing companies.

The overarching pririty of the program remains the insurance protection of organizations and employees on the periphery of the parent company.

Within the scope of company-wide risk management, IC TRANSNEFT is expanding its cooperation with suppliers and contractors within the JSC TRANSNEFT system.

As an integral part of the JSC TRANSNEFT system, the insurance company guarantees its clients and partners in both the corporate and market segments a smoothly-running loss-adjustment system coupled with high standards of quality and reliability.

License 1864 77 issued by the
RF Federal Service for the Financial